The Story behind incognito and its vision. The story will take you through the thinking process and journey of its creator(s). Written by our founder.

Who are you? Yes! You, the individual looking at a screen right now... We don't know who you really are. Your Twitter friends probably don't know who you really are in real life. You are unknown. Just like most of the NFT collectors in our beautiful community. Just as the name Incognito suggests, we use our social platforms to express ourselves through NFTs we purchase, not through fake likes, posts, and stories on Instagram. We are all Incognito. Incognito was born from a single word: quality. We want our community to stand for quality art and innovation. The main objective behind Incognito was to create something with the highest artistic standards in the digital world. When you purchase an Incognito NFT, we want you to feel visually attracted to what you are purchasing and appreciate the artistic value, not just the hype or trends around the project. Giving artistic value to our NFTs was one of our main priorities because it can't all just be about hype and trends, your money should be worth much more than just hype. The story begins when one of my siblings asked if I knew what NFTs are. I had been part of the crypto world for a few years but I had not heard about NFTs yet. As an art fanatic myself, I didn't really understand the value of NFTs. I had the same questions many commonly ask. Why would I want something digital? Why can't I just take a picture or save the image on my phone? The questions were endless until I got into the NFT community and saw the amazing potential of this new type of "ownership" for the digital world. Just a few days passed and I was already part of a team that led an NFT collection, which grew to over four million dollars in trade volume in the first 30 days. Watching that community grow so fast and seeing the potential of creating something even bigger sparked my ambition to create the best-looking NFT collection. A collection backed by a team of professionals, a solid foundation, and the goal of connecting both the digital and physical art worlds through artistic drawings, paintings, and sculptures, all made with passion and real artistic value. The journey to find the right team took quite a while, but with some patience and luck, I was able to contact Leonardo Fonseca, our Art Director and Head Artist. You might want to call it fate, but I was randomly followed by Leo one day and proceeded to check out his Twitter profile. To my surprise, I learned he was a 3D artist, exactly what I was looking for. After some further stalking through his Instagram page, I came across an old 3D model of a mannequin-type face. This was very similar to what I had envisioned for the Incognito collection so I DMed him and within a day we hopped on a Zoom call. I explained the entire Incognito project and vision to him, and to my surprise, the answer was an "I'm all in”. Little did I know that a meaningless Twitter follow was going to bring me closer to my ultimate goal. The rest of the team also took a few days and weeks to bring together. The name Incognito came from trying to find a good word to match with our mannequin-type faces that represent no specific individual. Just like a faceless NFT, most of you are faceless collectors, creators, and individuals that decided to go incognito by being part of this amazing but faceless NFT community.

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