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The most important part of an NFT collection or project is the team that runs it. This is why our first goal was to find professionals for each specific area of this project. In order to find the right person for the right job, our search started slow, but after some time and luck, we managed to bring together the best team we could have ever asked for. Our team spans the globe, from Australia to Argentina, and everywhere in between. Both individuals and third-party companies came together to make the Incognito vision a reality. We feel very confident in the combined expertise, professionalism, and passion of every member of our team.


The core of every NFT collection is its technology. This is why we decided to look for a group of developers instead of one or two individuals common with other collections. We teamed up with a small company based in Argentina called Building Ideas by Software On The Road. A team of six individuals was contracted to work on our smart contract, the entire ERC-721 layout, web development, security, 3D implementation, much more.

Community Team

There is not an NFT collection that's successful without its community & following. For this, we have brought in a team of capable individuals who have experience managing NFT collections, discord communities, and general service support. We want to provide you with the best experience throughout this incognito journey. Every Incognito collector is part of something much bigger, a family, movement, vision, and more.

Media & Content Creation

All our content creation, media, and marketing are handled by Eden Media Group. This is a media & marketing agency based out of the Dominican Republic. The team has experience working with both local & international companies handling all types of needs that range from social media to cinematography productions. We decided to go the extra step and make sure all of our content was taken care of by professionals.

3D Designs & Artwork

All incognitos were designed by Nuxer.inc led by Nuxer, a self-taught 3D Artist and creative junkie with tremendous skills and passion. If there is one thing you will be amazed by in this collection, it's the amazing 3D models created by Leo. Over 500+ hours and two months of work went into the creation of all our artwork. The final result is an amazing combination of quality, attractiveness, and overall amazing 3D models.

Web Design

Our web design was done by Happy2Host, a Web Design & Development Agency based in London. Their portfolio is filled with amazing work produced for top artists, companies, athletes, and institutions all around the world. They will be part of the Incognito family for the long run as we keep improving our website and start working on the next steps of this project.

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