As NFT owners, there are inherently plenty of questions surrounding our identity. Who are we? Who forms the backbone of our community?

The answer is indicative of the beauty of the NFT movement. The short answer; we don't know exactly who, exactly, comprises our community. We use our social platforms to express our unique personalities and stories through NFTs and artwork we purchase. We are not about fake likes, posts, and stories on Instagram.

We have a passion for what we do. We are all Incognito.

This collection consists of 10,000 unique “Incognitos,” randomly combined from tens of thousands of different possibilities. These NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. The only way to fully Go Incognito is by purchasing your own NFT, thus becoming part of the Incognito family. All 10,000 NFTs will be available for purchase, thereby expanding the opportunity to join our community. As founders, we believe in buying back the floor instead of reserving a certain amount upfront. We’ve also instructed our staff members not to mint any ICONs as we'll be purchasing them from the secondary market.

When creating the initial prototypes, our main goal with the Incognito collection was to elevate the design of our NFTs. We wanted our designs to have meaning, which is why we endeavor to create NFTs that hold real artistic value and quality that is unmatched in the community. To accomplish this reality, we set one simple goal: create something astonishing that is guaranteed to be remembered. We rather see them up on every collector's wall, instead of their Twitter profiles. Ideally, we would like both to happen!

3D-NFT Art

Over three months of planning, prototypes, designing, rendering, and brainstorming went into the creation of the entire Incognito collection NFT artwork. We strove for perfection, wanting to create something visually unique and well-executed. Our artwork is as important for us as our security, community, ERC-721 contract, and every vital part of this project. We are meticulous through every step of the design process.

2D-NFTs have typically been the norm in the NFT space. So far, not many artists and collections are leveraging 3D-NFT space, especially when it comes to collections of our size.

We are eager to explore the possibilities of the 3D space. Each NFT will have downloadable content that can be accessed through our website, providing collectors with access to 3D files for 3D printing, rendering, premade animations, and a full 6k resolution image of your Incognito.

We will continue to add even more utility & content for each NFT.

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