Special Rewards

These are the 7 special rewards that will be given out to the lucky Incognito holders of each unique 1/1 ICON NFT.


A significant feature of the Incognito collection is the rewards we give out to fellow Incognitos. These rewards will range from numbered hoodies to $80k+ art pieces such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, and more. Our goal with these rewards is to give back to our community and help them understand how important they are to our movement. Our rewards are carefully chosen to bring elements of the digital and physical art world together. We accomplish this through a variety of raffles, events, scavenger hunts, giveaways, etc… as well as through beautiful digital and physical art.

*Note: All 10,000 NFTs are designed and created by Leonardo Fonseca, our Art Director & 3D artist. All physical rewards are created by the mentioned artists or companies. The Incognito NFTs are not designed by these artists/brands.

CryptoPunk 9709

CryptoPunk 9709 will be given out to one unique Incognito member who mints the unique ICON that represents this CP. This CryptoPunk is owned by the legendary Wilcox who has agreed to reserve it uniquely for the collection. We will be unlocking this CryptoPunk and making the purchase once we hit 25% sales in the collection. This reward will be given out 48 hours after the purchase is made. This is done to give the NFT owner some time to trade or sell his or her NFT to someone who might be interested in both NFTs. Once time runs out, we'll send the CryptoPunk to the address that owns the unique ICON. Everything will be announced and tracked through our Discord Server.

5 x LEGO Sculptures (By Nathan Sawaya)

These will be unique-looking ICONs made out of Legos. Previews will be posted on our website and social media accounts. Nathan Sawaya is the first contemporary artist to bring LEGO®, the world’s most popular toy, into the art world as a medium. His obsessive and painstakingly crafted work captivates viewers by its beauty and playfulness, combining innovation with a nostalgic feeling that brings one back to the possibilities of childhood. His ability to transform LEGO® bricks into interesting figures, devotion to scale and color perfection, and conceptualization of action of the subject matter enable him to elevate a basic toy to fine art status. (Avant Gallery). Nathan is the most famous LEGO® artist in the world. These sculpture rewards will all unlock once we hit 50% in sales.

Alec Monopoly Painting

As one of our favorite artists in the world, we are happy to include one of Alec Monopoly's paintings in our unique rewards pool. We have officially reserved one of his paintings from his famous Crypto Collection. We would like to thank the Eden Fine Art Gallery for making this possible. Alec Monopoly is an internationally renowned graffiti artist with over 1.2 Million Instagram followers. This painting will unlock once we hit 70% in sales. We’ll be purchasing the painting directly from the Eden Fine Art Gallery in NYC. We will include a professional metal print of your ICON NFT, and a uniquely designed hat & hoodie (1/1).

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