Below is a detailed roadmap of what we have planned for the next couple of months and the future of this collection. Some things might be pushed back if we don't meet sales goals right away.


Rocket Launch - This month will be filled with exciting news, events, and releases that will build a strong foundation for this great collection. We are confident that our vision is like no other; we don't want to be considered just another NFT collection. We want to create both an amazing community and a project that we can all enjoy. These are things we have set to launch or complete after the launch date. Additional exciting announcements, like partnerships with influencers and companies, will be announced as we confirm them.
  • Discord & Twitter Sales bot launch
  • Discord Community & Website Rarity tool introduced
  • Floor buy-back - Incognito Community Vault filled up
  • $25,000 ETH PFP Giveaway! (Once sell out)
  • Website Gallery & Details page launch
  • OpenSea connection with a website to view floor prices and other details
  • Both hoodie and hat rewards will be sent to NFT holders
  • New York City surprise!
  • Metaverse plans will be revealed and work on a few secret projects will start
  • Go Incognito Profile Portal page will launch + 6k resolution images will be available for download
  • 3D Interactive and Animations will be announced and a few will be made available.
  • Season 1 - Vol 1. Merch announcement
  • $10k Community giveaway/event


Moon Trip - This month will be one of the most important months for this collection. This is the month we expect to start phase two of major investments, launches, announcements, partnerships, and the continued creation of value for every single NFT in our collection.
  • Metaverse announcements, airdrops, reveals, meetups, and much more
  • Custom Pendant Giveaway!
  • All 3D Interactive & Animated files will be available for download
  • Female Companions...
  • $10k Community giveaway/event
  • Vol 1. Merch Release. (Incognito Members Only - Limited Editions)
  • Official Professional Print service available for the community
  • Liquidity Pool announcement
  • Real-world meetup!
  • All sculptures and paintings to be distributed
  • First professional metal prints giveaway


Moon Landing - This month will be all about reinforcing our main foundations and concentrating on major partnerships while adding long-term value to the collection. By this time we envision Incognito images in hundreds of social media profile pictures & hanging on the walls of hundreds of our collector's homes.
  • Space launch! (Yes, real launch to space)
  • 3D Printing files will be available for all Incognito holders
  • Vol 2. Merch Release. (Incognito Members Only - Limited Editions)
  • Unexpected New Friends...
  • $10k Community giveaway/event
  • Second professional metal prints giveaway
  • Possible mobile app announcement


Peaceful Colonization - The last planned month will be all about further cementing this collection into the NFT community and its longer-term success. Four months after launch day, we believe Incognito will top the charts as the most trending and best managed NFT collection in the community. That is our goal and what we'll be working to achieve.
  • Physical Collectibles - Future partnership
  • Vol. 3 Merch Release. (Some Members Only & Public Merch)
  • $10k Community giveaway/event
  • Possible partnerships with big-name companies
  • Possible mobile app launch or beta testing
  • More coming soon...
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