Sales Milestones

Complete list of all rewards & important things that we will be doing or giveaway. Each of these things is unlocked once their sales goal is reached.

  • 25% - CryptoPunk 9709 | As soon as we hit 25% we will be paying for the CryptoPunk that legendary Wilcox (2nd Biggest CP collector in the world) has reserved for us.

  • 35% - INCOGNITO Hats | We'll confirm the production of our unique and numbered hats once we hit 35%. Only 200 numbered hats with this design will ever be produced.

  • 40% - INCOGNITO Hoodies | We'll confirm the production of our unique and numbered hoodies once we hit 40%. Only 100 numbered hoodies with this design will ever be produced.

  • 50% - LEGO Sculptures | LEGO Sculptures have already been planned out and ready for production. Production will begin as soon as the 50% goal is reached. Distribution will happen once they are completed.

  • 70% - Alec Monopoly Painting | The Alec Monopoly painting will be purchased as soon as we hit 70% in sales. We will ship directly by the Eden Fine Art Gallery or a shipping company we'll be hiring.

  • 80% - Professional Metal Prints | These astonishing metal prints will be purchased and given away once we hit 80%. This won't happen right away as we will be doing a giveaway for these on our social media platforms.

  • 100% - Floor buy-back & Community events | Once 100% of the ICONs have been sold, we'll be buying back around 20 - 40 Incognitos that will be used for community giveaways, rewards, raffles, events, and collaborations.

  • 100% - Metaverse Land Acquisition | We might be Incognito but we still need a home. We will be purchasing land in multiple metaverses. (Decentraland, Sandbox, and others)

  • 100% - Custom ICON Chain & Pendant | We will be partnering with a world-famous jeweler to create a custom chain and pendant that will be given away. To enter this giveaway, you must own an Incognito that has the "ICON Chain" attribute.

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