Unique opportunity to be part of something special!

The Problem

The NFT community has been pouring millions into projects that have no real foundation or team with the professional experience to guide a multi-million dollar project. Additionally and rather unfortunately, other NFT collections often involve very poor artistic value. All of this means:

  • Collection dies off in a couple of days or weeks

  • Some people make money with quick flips but long-term holders aren't rewarded

  • Most NFT Collections have been lacking artistic value and quality

  • Many individuals are taking advantage of this community hype, resulting in quick money schemes instead of real NFT projects with a long-term vision

We believe this community is forgetting what NFTs should represent, pouring money into things that have no future value. We can and should do better as a community in general.


There is an incredible opportunity in the NFT community to create something that can be seen as an industry standard and change the way collections of this type are viewed. By building both a collection and a team that's focused on quality and real artistic value, we are hoping to create a brand that will be part of NFT history. The Incognito collection is just the first of many different projects we have planned for the future of Dyn Studios.

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