The technology behind our NFTs, website, security, proof, and other important information.

Incognito is an NFT collection issued on the Ethereum blockchain network.

  • ERC721 Standard

  • Metamask & Wallet connect protocol support

The minting process will work by using your web browser with Metamask wallet or through any wallet that implements the wallet connect protocol (Trust Wallet, Exodus, Argent, Rainbow, etc)

  • Provenance Hash

For each Incognito image, content is hashed using SHA-256 algorithm. A combined string is obtained by concatenating SHA-256 of each one in a specific order. The final proof is obtained by SHA-256 hashing this combined string, finally this is the provenance record stored on the smart contract.

Each Incognito token ID is assigned to an artwork image from the initial sequence with this formula:(tokenId + startingIndex) % 10000 → Initial Sequence Index

  • IPFS for metadata storage

IPFS stands for Interplanetary File System, a decentralized File Storage solution Once a file is stored in the IPFS it cannot be changed / altered / destroyed / by anyone, not even the creator.

  • Our Website is built using the latest web3 technologies:

- Runs on a CDN (Netlify) with DDoS attack protection - Vue.js as frontend framework, light, fast, and resilient - Web3.js + Truffle.js

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